We trust that Wisdom generates

both happiness and success


Success and Happiness. Both of which are pursued by every man on earth.

Profit and Humanity. Both of which are chased after by every company.

Unfortunately, in reality most of us have to make an opportunity-cost trade-off. We either have one of each or none at all.

ProSelf came into existence to give every man and organization the ultimate key to achieve both.

We trust Buddhist Wisdom is such key. And every man has the equal level of wisdom as Buddha’s to make his work and life thrive.

We relentlessly focus on innovating core spirit management solutions based on the philosophy of Everestzen and Socratic Method to enable people to activate and use this great inner-generating wisdom effectively.

We always protect customers’ true benefits. If we are not sure of bringing true benefits, we will postpone offering our services. We shall only deliver true value, not take advantage of customers’ psychological weaknesses by unreal values. We communicate clearly both pros and cons of our solutions without telling half the truth or making up the truth.

We strongly believe the power of seven values of Authenticity - Humanity - Conscientiousness - Transparency - Respect - Partnership - Creativeness will keep us continuously creating great values to our customers, partners, society and ourselves.