Wisdom activated by Everestzen and Socratic Method






We could basically get Everestzen Philosophy through meditation master Ajahn Chah’s said in his book The Taste of Freedom, below:

However some people find it hard to enter samàdhi because it doesn’t suit their tendencies. There is samàdhi, but it’s not strong or firm.

But one can attain peace through the use of wisdom, through contemplating and seeing the truth of things, solving problems that way. This is using wisdom rather than the power of samàdhi.

To attain calm in practice it’s not necessary to sit in meditation, for instance. Just ask yourself, “Ehh, what is that?…” and solve your problem right there! A person with wisdom is like this.

Perhaps he can’t really attain high levels of samàdhi, although he develops some, enough to cultivate wisdom.

It’s like the difference between farming rice and farming corn. One can depend on rice more than corn for one’s livelihood.

Our practice can be like this, we depend more on wisdom to solve problems.

When we see the truth, peace arises.


Socrates believed that the greatest benefit of his cooperative argumentative technique was to help people leverage their own thinking to spur and further their own new knowledge.

In this reasoned argumentative method, the master does not provide the right answers, but right questions. Most of the questions are answered by another question.

The responsibility of the master is not to hammer dry subjects into student’s head, but to help the learner clearly comprehend the problem and self-discover his own answer.

By gradually unearthing and removing false theories and self-deceptive fallacies, the truth will steadily be exposed and the answers will be evident for learners who have thoroughly see the nature of the matter.


Every human being was born like a brand new computer, having the operating system and virus detection and removal software automatically run in the most optimal way.

During the course of operation, based on the operating system, every man needs to collect input under information or data and install additional software such as habits and characteristics. In this very process, the viruses such as negative habits and traits inflict, causing the brain to stall, heat up with stress and function ineffectively, even resulting in a standstill without resolving the problems.

Therefore in order to reduce stress and improve intellectual capacity, we need to scan and remove these cognitive viruses.

ProSelf training program consists of 02 combined methodologies, assisting everyone to trigger the software to automatically track and quarantine viruses in his existing perception.

“Decoding a stress-free life” program with Socratic Method will enable learners to employ their thinking to find the cognitive viruses by themselves and the ways to clean them up.

At this stage, however, the virus removal software inside the person has not been activated. The acquired knowledge still stay at the rational layer without making real cases. Furthermore, it may cause internal conflicts with inherent feelings and emotions.

To harmonize and integrate rational and emotional thinking, participants have to practice Everestzen, a Zen discipline that allows discovering and thinking during the state of Mindfulness (may be referred as intuitive thinking in psychology).

When the system is triggered inside, headaches may occur, which is a good sign showing active virus scanning process.

Participants should not avoid but encounter the pain to find the solutions. An analogy is that when you have a malign tumor, it is agonizing to go through the surgical operation, but it will give you peace of mind when the disease wears off.

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